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Connecteur à compression RG59 pour BNC HD

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Connecteur à compression "double bubble style" RG59 pour BNC HD
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Un paiement sécurisé et fiable avec

ICM Corp.'s high definition BNC compression connector is a secure and easy-to-install solution for patch panel, broadcast jumpers, and rack mount installations. The one-piece, high definition BNC combines ICM Corp's highly respected patented technologies with its proprietary manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality connections possible with superior return loss. It's easier to put on and has less failures than any other compression connector on the market. 

These new one-piece connectors also feature ICM Corp's signature 360-degree compression technology. This patented technology uses internal compression rings to create a rock-solid connection on the coaxial wire and uses an improved insulator material, PTFE, with characteristics close to that of an air dielectric to ensure maximum return loss performance. 

In addition, the connectors feature ICM Corp.'s patented floating pin and non-blind entry, which allows installers to see the wire's center conductor entering the pin at the base of the connector, eliminating guesswork and ensuring consistent, precision connections every time. No more pins or sleeves to lose with ICM Corp.'s one-piece compression connectors. This unique one-piece compression design is unrivaled in the marketplace.

  • A high quality PTFE insulator provides superior return loss
  • One-piece Compression Connector
  • TRUE 360 Degree Compression Technology
  • Non-Blind Entry Assists with Inserting the Wire
  • Superior Pull-Out Strength
Plus d’information
Référence DB59BNCHD
Fabricant Foire aux trouvailles
Garantie (mois) 12
Connecteur entrée Entrée BNC
Conditionnement boite Non
Impédance 75 Ohms
Rotation °
Distance maximale mm ou m
Dimensions mm
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